• Complementary therapies are not intended to replace conventional treatments but to enhance it, to be complementary NOT alternative. Complementary therapies are intended to work side by side with conventional treatments.
  • Complementary therapies is in no way deemed substitutes and should not be relied upon for medical diagnoses, treatments and/or medications of any sort and should not be interpreted as such.
  • The complementary therapy does not mean medical treating, fixing or curing.
  • Complementary therapies are not intended to replace any medical treatments. If a client is currently having any treatment for any condition or disease, the client must consult with their appropriate medical, psychological or healthcare provider prior to changing or modifying their treatment plan.
  • Venus Tyche is a certified and accredited complementary therapy practitioner, and not a medical doctor, general practitioner, psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • Venus Tyche does not diagnose, prevent nor treat specific health challenges, does not claim to treat, fix or cure anything including any physical or psychological illnesses, diseases, conditions, dysfunctions or discomforts, does not provide nor prescribe medications, injections, needles, diets, herbs, supplements, remedies, massages, exercises, lifestyle changes or any advice at all.
  • No promises nor guarantees will be given about sessions. No medical diagnosis nor medical treatment will be given. The sessions offered do not replace medical care.
  • Clients are solely responsible for their own wellbeing and medical care.